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We’re building a partner portfolio to ensure quality input materials, retail capabilities and distribution networks.

Develop precision dosed and efficient bio-available CBD products from industry leading producers.
Education & Research
Improve physician and patient awareness through trusted science research and advocacy.


With hemp CBD now legal in most jurisdictions in North America and Europe, MariMed Inc. has been a first mover in the CBD market. We created MariMed Hemp, a separated subsidiary business to optimize our investment in this growing industry.

Develop brands of CBD health and beauty products with 100% GMP compliant chain of custody from seed-to-sale.
Products to have superior formulations for best bio-availability utilizing in-house IP and established expertise in cannabis.
Build dedicated sales channels and distribution networks to bring products to retailers nationwide.
Support sales efforts through education and scientific field building with industry leading scientific advisory board.
Made significant investment in GenCanna, Kentucky-based vertically integrated hemp producer of GMP-compliant CBD oils and isolates.
Invested to support rapid expansion of hemp acreage and processing to make GenCanna one of largest producers of hemp-derived CBD in USA.

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With Science + With Nature + With LoveFlorance™

The Florance™ brand was internationally recognized and known for the highest quality health and wellness products in the early 1900s. Over the years, leading scientists and doctors cultivated and sourced the most unique strains of hemp and produced and tested the highest quality propriety formulations, which evolved into a unique line of premium hemp CBD products.

Today, Florance’s mission is to invent, develop, and distribute the most advanced, scientifically tested hemp-based food and nutritional products at affordable prices, backed by strong educational and clinical research platforms.

Hemp Seed Oil

Florance™  products are produced from U.S. organic hemp and EU certified organic hemp, along with with other organic fruits, berries and herbs. They contain no pesticides, herbicides or other harmful contaminants. Our products are third party tested in the U.S. and E.U. and we conform to the highest GMP standards.


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MediTaurus LLC is a U.S.- registered company focused on the development, production and sale of the highest quality hemp-based health and wellness products in the United States and European Union. The company’s mission is to invent and develop the most advanced scientifically and clinically-tested hemp-based products and ingredients. As well as utilizing safe and effective, mainstream, consumer-friendly protocols for the use of non-psychotropic Phyto-cannabinoid products.

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