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January 5, 2021by MariMed Team
Originally Appeared in Seeking Alpha.


  • MariMed prints positive net earnings and is set to continue this trend;
  • With #1 selling edibles products, MariMed could grow revenues beyond projections as more dispensaries take on new products;
  • Future earnings projections could push stock price upwards some 400%.

“Many of the cannabis companies I follow are either just on the brink of finally turning a profit, or they have accomplished the goal. MariMed (OTCQX:MRMD) is one of the US companies that have just posted profitable earnings. The industry itself is growing rapidly with expectations that retail sales of cannabis will increase by 250% in just four years. MariMed is a multi-state operator with a footprint in six states which with expected growth in the industry such as it is should prove to be a catalyst for continued growth and profits for MariMed.

However, the stock is elevated in value from the perspective of book value and current project future earnings. The question I have then becomes: Is MariMed a good value buy at this time?

Who is MariMed?

MariMed is a multi-state operator operating in the states of Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Nevada, and Rhode Island. In total, they have approximately 300,000 square feet of operational grow space in total. But, it is their Betty’s Eddies that grabs the attention, a product in the top of sales from Leaf Link, a source of some 7,500 cannabis companies. This product is stealing market share from other products on shelves at dispensaries when it shows up in a new market. And, two other products are stated to be doing excellent in sales:

Our Kalm Fusion and Bourne Baking Co. brands are selling off the shelves in these markets as well. Nature’s Heritage, our cannabis flower and concentrate brands are increasing market share with every sale cycle.

MariMed is producing some of the hottest selling edibles on the market, according to this inside-industry source. If MariMed enters more markets and continues to sit atop a lofty perch their volumes will continue to increase across the board.”

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