IN THE NEWSMarimed Expects To Lead In Hemp Derived CBD Following 2018 Farm Bill Passage

December 26, 2018by MariMed Team

Originally appeared in the Market Exclusive written by ME Staff.

As the United States waits for president Trump to sign the 2018 Farm Bill before next year, cannabis operator Marimed Inc (OTCMKTS:MRMD) has made an official announcement concerning a significant investment in hemp. The statement has hailed the passing of the Bill and its becoming law soon as this is considered the official inauguration of the Hemp derived CBD age.

What the bill means for Marimed and hemp market potential

According to MariMed CEO Robert Fireman, the anticipated assenting of the 2018 Farm Bill is welcome news for Americans as it will enable them to enjoy access to many hemp-derived CBD products legally which are of great significance in as they offer wellness and health benefits. Marimed is expected to produce a range of hemp-derived CBD products as well as increase distribution in 2019 because of the leeway provided by the 2018 Farm Bill. The CEO equally indicated that they are pleased about the prospects of legalizing hemp because it has a lot of potential and it is likely to benefit a lot of Americans in various ways.

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