IN THE NEWSMariMed Inc. Gross Margin of 50.00000 Grasps Investor’s Attention

November 21, 2018by MariMed Team

Originally appeared in Canton Caller written by a staff writer

Investors may be interested in considering the Gross Margin score on shares of MariMed Inc. (OTCPK:MRMD). The name at present has a score of 50.00000. This score is derived from the Gross Margin (Marx) stability and growth over the previous eight years. The Gross Margin score lands on a scale from 1 to 100 where a score of 1 would be considered positive, and a score of 100 would be seen as negative.  The low score of 50.00000 for MariMed Inc. suggests a top score for stability and growth.

Investors are Often times dealing with the decision of whether to sell a stock that has been a solid performer or hold on to it for more profit. This can be almost as trying as deciding when to buy a certain stock. Once investors have latched on to a certain stock, they may find it challenging to let go. On the flip side, investors may also need to deal with cutting ties with a losing stock. With both scenarios, it may be critical for investors to try to keep emotion out of the decision making process. Investors may feel that giving up on a losing stock can be admitting that a mistake was made. No matter what the circumstance, not letting go of a losing stock may lead to poor portfolio performance in the long run. Constantly keeping a close watching on fundamental and technical data can provide critical information required to remain afloat in the equity markets.

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