IN THE NEWS7 U.S. Marijuana Stocks to Buy for the Midterm Elections

November 5, 2018by MariMed Team
Originally appeared in Investor Place written by Josh Enomoto

Marimed (MRMD)

Whenever you’re dealing with pot stocks, it’s difficult to filter hype from reality. While I broadly consider the sector a paradigm-shattering opportunity, whenever money is involved, hucksters quickly follow. That’s why I appreciate what Marimed(OTCMKTS:MRMD) has to offer.

Primarily, I dig MRMD stock for the underlying company’s business model. Any new venture requires expert advice, whether it be legal, operational, or managerial. This is especially true for cannabis-related businesses in the U.S. While the midterm elections could make marijuana legal in a total of 11 states and the District of Columbia, the federal government still considers the plant a Schedule I drug.

Marimed helps cannabis firms navigate multiple potential pitfalls, making MRMD stock a utilitarian investment. More importantly, the company’s leadership and advisory team has professionals in the legal, financial, and law-enforcement sectors. That gives on-the-fence investors added confidence to take a shot.

Most importantly, the markets believe in Marimed. While so many marijuana stocks faltered in October, MRMD stock actually gained double digits! This is a name you must keep a close eye on post midterms.

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