IN THE NEWSFORBES: Looking At The Year Ahead In Cannabis, Technology, Microdosing, Home Brew and Blockchain

March 15, 2018by MariMed Team

Despite headwinds and murky pronouncements from the White House, the forward movement of investment and technology in the the cannabis sector is unabated. Insights to the coming year and further evidence of forward movement are seen in these observations from industry experts. A fascinating range of topics is covered, from branding and precision dosing to topics like Canada, California, microbreweries and yes, blockchain.

Sasha Aksenov, CEO of The Blinc Group:
2017 saw the cannabis industry pushing further into the frontiers of science. Medical cannabis product manufacturers are coming up with an increasing number of products and delivery methods targeted at patients with very specific indications.
We’ve also seen a spike in luxury cannabis brands that are commanding higher prices, as well as the growth of software and data companies that streamline industry operations and help stakeholders address inherent challenges.
In 2018, consumers will see more branded cannabis products than ever as mainstream brands and celebrities enter the market with new products. As competition increases, so should product quality and consistency. 2018 will also bring increased adoption of blockchain technology that could add much needed transparency, legitimacy and security to the cannabis market, especially in terms the fields of payments and supply chain management.
Bob Fireman, CEO at MariMed Advisors:
The stigma of cannabis continues to fade thanks to education efforts at the state and local levels, a willingness of high profile figures and medical professionals to discuss cannabis’ health benefits backed by international clinical trials, as well as balanced news coverage of the industry. We believe this is a significant factor in increasing the number of medical cannabis patients, even in states that have been legal for years. From a business standpoint, new levels of standards and professionalism in the industry are helping cannabis transition from its illicit past to legitimate, pure, organic and precision-dosed products with adult labeling and child proof packaging approaching pharmaceutical industry levels. As we move into 2018, MariMed will focus on meeting patient demand for consistent product experience by further expanding distribution of its precision dosed branded products into multiple states, assisting applicants in applying for cannabis licenses in legal states, and providing ongoing managed services for five new cannabis facilities in Maryland and Massachusetts.
Leslie Bocskor, President at Electrum Partners:
From my perspective, 2017 was all about Nevada and the fruition of our legalization efforts. The legal cannabis industry has achieved revenue levels few expected, with tax dollars flowing into the state’s coffers. Further, the selection of Nevada’s own GB Sciences to manage the medical cannabis operation at Louisiana State University has the potential to significantly advance cannabis research for the betterment of the entire industry.
Other notable events in 2017:
  • Senator Orin Hatch (R-Utah) and Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) introducing Marijuana Effective Drug Study (MEDS) Act of 2017.
  • Proposition 300 in Colorado. A critically important step towards a working model for regulating public consumption within state-licensed establishments.
  • The Horizons Medical Marijuana Life Science ETF, the first ever Cannabis ETF launched on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).
  • Threats about shutting down the industry by Jeff Sessions that never materialized.
The story for 2018 will be California. Expect delays and hiccups for several months after launch in Cali. However, after they get things worked out, the revenues will grow and mission-critical tax dollars will quickly accumulate to the delight of all stakeholders. On a related note, the regulatory environment in California is going to be difficult to understand and even more difficult to enforce.
Also, banking remains a top priority for everyone concerned and our expectation is that we will see innovation in this space and positive movement during 2018.
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